Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Why use our Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Techno Pools pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools are the first and foremost choice of South Africa. We supply nationwide and internationally. We have supplied the market with more than 30 000 fibreglass swimming pools and with more than 25 years of experience we are defiantly experts in our field.

Techno Pools uses 450grm fibre matt and Ncs resins which are SABS approved. By using these materials we ensure that our pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pool shells are extremely durable. When installed by Techno pools, we are so sure of our product that we offer a 5 year guarantee on the fibreglass swimming pool shell.

Our manufacturing process is designed to enable our Techno fibreglass swimming pools to withstand extremely active soil conditions. As a result of the planned flexible nature of the shell it is far less likely to crack or deform.

Our Techno fibreglass swimming pool shells are manufactured in our own factory, this eliminates additional construction on the premises of the client, and is therefore quick and easy to install.

Techno Fibreglass swimming pool shells are and lamination ensures the thickness of the fibreglass shell is consistent throughout the entire fibreglass shell. This is guaranteed due to the fact the fibreglass is supplied in rolls/sheets. These fibreglass sheets are cut to size and are laid one on top of the other on the mould during the lamination process thereby ensuring the consistent thickness of the fibreglass.

Consistent thickness is vital throughout the fibreglass swimming pool shell to ensure strength and integrity of the fibreglass pool shell which is holding a consistent and considerable weight of water. By hand laminating a fibreglass swimming pool it ensures an excellent bond and a structure that is sound over a large surface like a fibreglass swimming pool, which is essential for strength as the pool is holding anything from 5to 60 000 litres of water. Techno fibreglass Swimming Pools only use the best resins available on the market. Isothalic resins as well as the best NPG gell coats ensuring your pool can be heated without worrying that the structure or interior will be affected.

When the fibreglass sheets are applied to the mould there are overlaps as the sheets are applied. At these overlaps the pool is twice as thick. This forms a built in rib like system into the fibreglass shell, again adding strength.

A reinforcing beam is laminated around the top of the swimming pool on the outside of the shell. This helps strengthen the pool for transportation but also is used during the installation of the swimming pools

Fibreglass is a non-porous material, this means that chemicals in your water will last longer leading to lower maintenance costs; Techno fibreglass shells also retains heat longer than other pool surfaces.

The surface is smooth; this reduces the time spent on cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. The gel-coat finish also adds to a seamlessly clean cut look and feel. Techno fibreglass pool shells are manufactured using only the best quality materials available; thus increasing the lifespan of the shell.

With the advent of smaller properties the need for smaller fibreglass pools are right up our ally. The result is that with the Techno fibreglass pools we can accommodate these properties with our small to medium fibreglass pools

Techno pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools are one piece without any joins, this guarantees no leaks and strength of the fibreglass shell. Our unique designs make Techno fibreglass pools superior in strength.

Techno fibreglass swimming pools is installed using a concrete ring beam and backfilling using stabilized river sand. The high tensile strength of Techno fibreglass pool shells allows the pool shell to flex without cracking in unstable ground conditions.

Your fibreglass swimming pools will take approximately 6-10 working days to install depending on ground conditions.