Bubble Blankets

PVC Solid Safety covers

Techno Pool & Spa manufactures top quality, durable, pvc solid safety covers.

BENEFITS of PVC Solid Safety Covers

  • 600g Dark Blue & Underneath Black / or available in Earth Colour
  • Can keep children & dogs from falling into the pool
  • Weight it can take is 120kg (not something to play on)
  • To keep rain water from lying on the cover, we suggest putting tubes under the cover on top of the water.
  • Increase water temperature from 5- 10 degrees
  • Prevent heat loss during evenings with solar panels or heat pump
  • Reduces water evaporation/chemical usage & electrical use of pump
  • Reduces sand/dust/leaves and grass in the pool.
  • Lifespan 4-10 years
  • Easy to open & close
  • Lead Time : 2 - 8 working days  
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Roll up stations available