Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Although there is an initial cost on the unit it is the most convenient way to generate chlorine for your swimming pool.

The unit will work if the salt content in the pool is correct. There are a few aspects to take in consideration before installing a salt water chlorinator such as heating of the swimming pool water.

If you are considering heating the water in any way it is best to call us before purchasing chlorinator

  • Just chlor j100std 0-70 000l.
  • Just chlor j200std 70-120 000l.
  • These are standard units and the cell needs to be cleaned on a regular basis depending on the calcium build up.
  • Just chlor j100sc 0-70 000l
  • Just chlor j200sc 70-120 000l
  • These are low maintenance units. The cell chances polarity and the calcium build up is not that much and does not need cleaning that often.

When running a salt chlorinator there specifics that need to be adhered to. By calling our technical department all information will be provided to get the most out of your chlorinator