Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The advantage of using a heat pump is that you can regulate the temperature of the water right through the year.

A heat pump can also be used in conjunction with solar panels. This will allow the heat pump to work at half the rate it normally does.

As the solar panels are not that effective in the winter the heat pump can heat the water if required. It is also recommended to use a bubble blanket to retain the heat generated during the day or night.

  • 3.8 kw 220v 0-20 000l
  • 5.3kw 220v 20-30 000l
  • 7.8kw 220v 30-40 000l
  • 9.5kw 220v 40-60 000l
  • 12.4kw 220n 60 – 80000l
  • 14kw 220v 80 – 100 000l
  • 16.6kw 220v 100 -120 000l
  • 21kw 380v 120 -160 000l